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Distance Healing

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Distance Healing Session

For the time being I am providing distance healing treatments to people that are suffering from anxiety, fear, depression or other emotional/mental illnesses.
This healing modality involves creating a state of energetic harmony, healing Reiki energy and/or Coaching guidance.
If you know someone really struggling with current events, send them this information. The more relief people feel, the better the world will feel.


Please visit my online booking system  and select “Distance Healing” an choose an available time slot.
NOTE: This service is only available from now till Tuesday April 07th during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


This service is free which is my way to help people in need during this stressful time. As a act of kindness I would like to ask to “pay it forward” however you can and see fit.


Step 1:
Fill out a short online questionnaire (which is provided when you book your session). This provides me with vital information about your intentions for your session. All information shared is confidential.

Step 2:
Once the questionnaire has been received, I will contact you on your scheduled appointment via phone.

Step 3:
Sessions are 45mins long in the comfort of your own home. I ask that you locate yourself in a quiet and cozy area in your house that you will not be disturbed during your session.

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