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Do you have a Seating Job?

Do you have a Seating Job? Do you have neck pain or burning shoulders? Or do you suffer from nasty headaches or migraines? If you work at a desk all day you should be doing these exercises every day. It can improve your situation. What this video if you have a Seating Job


Why Spine Traction is so important The best time to hang off a chin up bar is after a workout. You will stretch out the surrounding muscle of the spine giving more flexibility. The other benefit of Spine Traction helps separate the vertebrae from each other decompressing the spine taking the pressure off the intervertebral discs.

Double Bind

Are you in a Double Bind? You are damned if you do, you are dawned if you don’t. This is enough to make you crazy. At some point in your life you probably experienced a double bind. It may be at work, with your friends or even with your family. Being between a difficult situation…
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The Power of Referrals

If you are a business owner; you know the importance of making customers/clients happy. On March 24th, 2014 my husband’s laptop crashed and would no longer load up. Of course we are the type of people that didn’t backed up our hard drive, so at this point, we were both freaking out. Not only did…
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