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5 Top Helpful Tips for Your Sciatic Pain

5 Top Helpful Tips for Your Sciatic Pain

Sciatic Pain is an irritation of the Sciatic Nerve which starts from the lower back and runs down the legs dividing through the anterior and posterior of each legs. The most common reason a nerve is being pinched is due to a herniated disc or a muscle spam.

Muscle spams can be the result of seating or standing for long periods of time. As a Registered Massage Therapist I see a lot of truck drivers with sciatic pain on their right leg due to the simple fact of the gas pedal. Massage Therapy is one of the best treatment to relieve sciatic pain. Areas of treatment would be lower back, glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors. Below are some tips that you can do to temporarily relieve some of your pain.

sciatic pain

5 Top Helpful Tips for Your Sciatic Pain

  1. Apply ice pack to lower back and glutes on the affected side
  2. Stretch hamstrings regularly
  3. Roll a tennis ball on the glutes on the affected side to help relax the muscle
  4. Do not cross your legs when seating
  5. Lay on a flat surface and elevate legs to relieve temporary pressure

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