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Best Massage Treatment in Niagara

Release Negative Energy

Release Negative Energy I was inspired to create this Meditation on behalf of a client of mine. Lots of people will undergo changes in their lives. If you do not know how to protect yourself, you can get yourself in a rut and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. From personal…
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Infertility: Coping with the Holidays

Infertility: Coping with the Holidays The holidays can be stressful for everyone but it can be especially lonely and depressing for a person dealing with infertility. Lets face it, Christmas is all about children. Dealing with infertility, you are faced with the constant reminder of what you cannot have. You can be reminded by the…
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Open Your Chakras

Open your Chakras We all have 7 Chakras which they are energy fields within our bodies corresponding to different areas. Holding onto a negative emotion will cause an energy blockage causing physical illness, depression, low self-esteem, or even mentally fatigued. Reiki treatment is the best way to clear all negative and/or release emotional stress from your Chakras. Open your Chakras Here…
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